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Upgrade or uninstall


Note for users upgrading to Version 3

To upgrade from an earlier version to Version 3.x you will need to remove your existing install.

  1. save a copy of your config.yaml file somewhere safe
  2. run pip uninstall ephemetoot
  3. run pip install ephemetoot
  4. check your config file is in the current directory
  5. check everything is working with ephemetoot --test or ephemetoot --version

Upgrading with pypi

To upgrade to a new version, the easiest way is to use pip to download the latest version from pypi:

pip install --upgrade ephemetoot

Upgrading with git

To upgrade to a new version using git, run the following from inside the ephemetoot directory:

git fetch --tags
git checkout [latest-tagname]
pip install .

Upgrading with a ZIP file

To upgrade without using git or pypi:


Uninstall using pip:

pip uninstall ephemetoot

If you scheduled a launchd job on MacOS using --schedule, you will also need to unload and remove the scheduling file:

launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ephemetoot.scheduler.plist
rm ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ephemetoot.scheduler.plist